Olé Life

Description: Olé Life is a fully-digital, full-stake term life insurer, which operates from Puerto Rico and sells policies across the Latin American region.

Status: Active

Van del Sol

Description: RV-Van rental company, targeting the provision of prime touristic experiences, which rents out customized Class B vans (also referred to as camper vans) for overnight and travel use initially within Puerto Rico.

Status: Active

Universal Protection and Maintenance (UPM)

Description: UPM provide services, installs and maintains the control networks that govern the performance of mechanical equipment.

Status: Active


Description: Toteat is a comprehensive software suite for restaurant management, which allows the owner or manager to monitor their business in real-time.

Status: Active


Description: A Puerto Rico based online small loan consumer lending. Current operation in Puerto Rico only.

Investment Date: February-2021


Description: Code Puerto Rico LLC dba Holberton Puerto Rico (“Holberton” or the “School”), is a 2-year software developing school that teaches students to become programmers.

Status: Active


Description: Hyperion is a pre-launch Puerto Rico-based Financial Technology (fintech) solution founded by two local software engineers.

Investment Date: May 2022

Status: Active


Description:Kiwi Financial (or “Kiwi”) is a Puerto Rico-based Microlending and Credit Builder platform for Hispanics that provides short-term, microloans that help unbanked or low credit score clients in their target markets – currently Puerto Rico – to improve their credit scores.

Investment Date: April 2022

Status: Active


Description: LendingPoint is a FinTech balance sheet lender.

Investment Date: 07/26/2019

Status: Active

Miramar Brewing

Description: Craft Beer Brewing, Beer Pub and Craft Beer Distribution” located in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 2020-2021

Puerto Rico A.S.C. Holding Co., Inc.

Description: Builds, owns, and operates ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) in Puerto Rico. Owns largest Ophthalmic ASC in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 02/24/2008

Status: Active

Puerto Rico Hospitality Group

Hotel El Convento

Description: Located in a monastery built in 1646 in San Juan Puerto Rico. The Hotel is opposite the San Juan Cathedral and Cathedral square, the second oldest church in Puerto Rico. The Hotel which has restaurants, a ballroom, meeting facilities, and retail spaces originally had 58 rooms and over the years additional spaces have been added as of today the total room count is 79.
Investment Date: 1995-1997
Hotel Opening: March 1997

Hotel Provincial

Description: Located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Hotel Provincial is half a block away from Hotel el Convento and shares its northern wall perimeter with the San Juan Cathedral. The Hotel is located in a building constructed between 1849 and 1851 to house the Spanish Crown appointed Senators to Puerto Rico. Hotel Provincial a 43 room hotel is owned and managed by Hotel El Convento.
Investment Date: 2017-2021
Hotel Opening: January 2021


Description: Switch BTC is a business consulting company that helps organizations improve and optimize their processes by identifying and defining the organization’s needs and designing specific solutions within the Salesforce Platform and other related products that integrate customer's information and processes.

Investment Date: January 2021

Vigilant Shipping Holding

Description: Stevenson Formel Freight Services (“SFFS” or “the Company”), located in San Juan, is the current incarnation of a family company that has been operating in the region since the early 1970s.

Investment Date: 07/15/2019

Status: Active


ICPR Junior College

Description: Two years Associate Degrees and one-year Technical Certificates for profit school in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 06/23/2004

Status: Partial Exit

Medical Card System

Description: Second largest health insurance and managed care company in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 03/31/1998

Status: Partial Exit


Description: Develops and commercialized microcellular processing technologies used in injection molding.

Investment Date: 12/16/1999

Status: Partial Exit


FFI Holdings, Inc. ("La Familia")

Description: Largest chain of retail jewelry and pawn stores in Puerto Rico. Also has operations in Florida.

Investment Date: 05/18/2011

Status: Sold

Infopáginas, Inc.

Description: Provider of online marketing services to local business and largest publishers of independent yellow pages directory - print and online - in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 02/17/2009

Status: Sold

Abaco PR

Description: Software developer of mobile applications for enterprise systems, primarily SAP.

Investment Date: 10/04/1993

Status: Full Exit

AquaVenture Holdings LLC
(Seven Seas Water & Quench)

Description: Largest BOO (Build, own, and operate) desalination company in the Caribbean. Expanding into Latin America/Asia. Seves Seas Water and Quench mergerd in June 2014 into AquaVentures Holdings LLC.

Investment Date: 12/18/2007

Status: Sold

Centennial Communications

Description: Largest independent wireless telecom service provider in the Caribbean.

Investment Date: 01/07/1999

Status: Full Exit

Charlotte Russe Holding, Inc.

Description: Retail clothing provider.

Investment Date: 10/13/2009

Status: Full Exit

Código Entertainment, LLC ("Fania")

Description: Largest independently owned Tropical Music (Salsa & Merengue) catalog.

Investment Date: 11/23/2009

Status: Full Exit

Datek Online

Description: Online brokerage firm.

Investment Date: 12/11/2000

Status: Full Exit

Dollar Express

Description: Everything for a $1.00, retail format store.

Investment Date: 02/05/1999

Status: Full Exit

Infinity Laser Centers

Description: Owns and operates larger vision correction centers in San Juan and Mayaguez.

Investment Date: 10/01/2000

Status: Full Exit

Integration Technologies

Description: Leading networking and voice systems integrator in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 12/01/2000

Status: Full Exit

International Meal Company Holdings S.A.

Description: Largest operator of airport and toll road restaurants in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, and Columbia.

Investment Date: 03/31/2008

Status: Full Exit

Islanet Communications

Description: Largest fixed wireless data telecommunications company in Puerto Rico targeting enterprise customers and residential WIMAX broadband.

Investment Date: 05/01/2000

Status: Full Exit

Next Level Learning, Inc.

Description: Provider of supplementary educational services to K-12 under Federally funded programs to Puerto Rican students.

Investment Date: 04/28/2009

Status: Full Exit

Packers Provision

Description: Largest frozen and refrigerated food distribution company in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 12/29/1997

Status: Full Exit

Patheon, Inc.

Description: Commercial manufacturing and drug development services for the pharmaceutical industry in P.R., U.S., and Europe.

Investment Date: 04/30/2007

Status: Full Exit

QMC Media

Description: Second largest outdoor advertising company in Puerto Rico operating primarily billboards.

Investment Date: 12/29/1999

Status: Full Exit

Quench USA, Inc.

Description: Largest independent POU bottle-less water cooler company in the United States.

Investment Date: 10/07/2011

Status: Full Exit

QWS Holding, LLC

Description: Largest POU bottle-less water cooler company in Puerto Rico and Columbia, and the second largest in Chile.

Investment Date: 07/27/2010

Status: Full Exit

Venture Steel

Description: Largest manufacturers of tubing and corrugate sheets in Puerto Rico.

Investment Date: 03/19/1997

Status: Full Exit


Description: Telecommunications company operating local access lines in the southwestern United States.

Investment Date: 10/17/2001

Status: Full Exit

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