Abaco PR

Description: Software developer of mobile applications for enterprise systems, primarily SAP.
Investment Date: 10/04/1993
Status: Full Exit

Centennial Communications

Description: Largest independent wireless telecom service provider in the Caribbean.
Investment Date: 01/07/1999
Status: Full Exit

Datek Online

Description: Online brokerage firm.
Investment Date: 12/11/2000
Status: Full Exit

Infopáginas, Inc.

Description: Provider of online marketing services to local business and largest publishers of independent yellow pages directory - print and online - in Puerto Rico.
Investment Date: 02/17/2009
Status: Active

Integration Technologies

Description: Leading networking and voice systems integrator in Puerto Rico.
Investment Date: 12/01/2000
Status: Full Exit

Islanet Communications

Description: Largest fixed wireless data telecommunications company in Puerto Rico targeting enterprise customers and residential WIMAX broadband.
Investment Date: 05/01/2000
Status: Full Exit


Description: LendingPoint is a FinTech balance sheet lender.
Investment Date: 07/26/2019
Status: Active


Description: Switch BTC is a business consulting company that helps organizations improve and optimize their processes by identifying and defining the organization’s needs and designing specific solutions within the Salesforce Platform and other related products that integrate customer's information and processes.
Investment Date: January 2021


Description: Telecommunications company operating local access lines in the southwestern United States.
Investment Date: 10/17/2001
Status: Full Exit

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