Holberton School Puerto Rico opens call for September courses

Holberton School Puerto Rico opens call for September courses

Holberton School Puerto Rico, an academy specializing in technology, announced that its admission application process for classes starting Sept. 8 is currently open.

So, people in Puerto Rico looking to develop their careers the area have until Aug. 7 to enroll, said Verónica Colón, director of Holberton School.

“We’re very excited about the acceptance that the offer we provide to of all these creative, enthusiastic and technology-loving people has had,” she said.

To start connecting potential students with the Holberton offer, the organization has scheduled two Virtual Open Houses, on July 15 and 22 at 6 p.m., through its Holberton School Puerto Rico Facebook page.

During the Virtual Open House, details about the curriculum will be discussed and participants will meet the staff, including the director, the admissions officer and a software engineer. A question and answer session will also be opened to clear up doubts and answer questions, she said.

“We’re going to take full advantage of this virtual meeting with our future students and above all, to facilitate the admission process by making appointments with the staff in charge,” she said.

“The first group, or cohort will take all the workshops online, to guarantee student safety and uninterrupted class development, bearing in mind that we must still maintain social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Colón said.

“This learning experience will be developed based on a full immersion in technology, starting with the mastery of language, programming fundamentals and advanced emerging technology programs,” she said.

The Holberton School software development academy was founded in Silicon Valley, the highest-tech economic center in the U.S. mainland, and its graduates are part of the staff at companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Tesla and Apple, among others.

“We work to create professionals in technology and those related to sector entrepreneurs who they will surely want to keep by their side when they complete their career,” Colón said.

“Our system encourages project development and teamwork for all people interested in this field, with or without prior knowledge of it. It is a full-stack software development program,” Colón said.

Holberton School Puerto Rico works in an inclusive environment and in alliance with students, assuming the costs of education initially and helping them to get employed, after which they will pay back for their education.

“They don’t pay until they have a job. We invest in our students betting on their future. Our school’s success goes hand-in-hand with that of our students, remembering that the technology area lost the least number of jobs during the COVID-19 emergency, which continues to affect the global labor market,” said Colón.

The courses at Holberton last two years and applicants must be 18 years old and have graduated from high school.

Holberton School Puerto Rico opens call for September courses
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