Integration Technologies partners RIB Software to expand global footprint

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February 11, 2020
Natalie Bannerman

Integration Technologies (Intech) has received a majority growth investment from RIB Software and the buyout of Advent-Morro Equity Partner’s stake in the company.

Through the investment, Intech will be able to expand its footprint and leadership on a global scale.

“The RIB investment in Intech is another exciting development in our drive to build the largest vertical cloud MTWO over the Microsoft MSP network,” said Tom Wolf, chairman and CEO of RIB. “I was impressed by Henry Gordillo’s growth path, cloud experience and entrepreneurial spirit. RIB will continue to implement its Cloud and GTM strategy during 2020-2021 and integrate MSP partners around the world. We believe that MTWO, the world’s first vertical cloud platform for the construction and real estate industries, is the right option for our target customers.”

Intech will work closely with the RIB group to help enhance and scale the Americas RIB cloud capability. This investment augments the cloud capability for hundreds of American clients in the building vertical with Intech’s strong market position in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, the cloud experience, and English / Spanish language capability.

As a provider of cloud enterprise technology, RIB Software has partnered with the likes of Microsoft on the launch of MTWO, the world’s first vertical cloud platform supporting companies in the industry achieve productivity gains through digital transformation.

“RIB’s investment in Intech is an exciting next step in our journey towards advanced Managed Cloud Solutions and Services,” said Henry Gordillo, Intech’s Founder and CEO. “Our staff has long-standing capabilities on IT solutions and services and have built leading expertise on Microsoft’s Cloud technologies within our region, which places us in unique opportunity to leverage the significant cloud adoption acceleration we are seeing in the Americas. Our team will work closely with RIB Cloud’s offices in Amsterdam, Singapore, and San Diego to leverage the growing Cloud needs in the Americas.  Joining forces with RIB group, as the leader in this industry, just makes sense for our clients, staff and shareholders. We are excited to leverage this relationship in the cloud market and the construction industry through the distribution and support of MTWO technology on the Microsoft Cloud.

In addition, RIB will leverage Intech’s footprint throughout the Americas and favourable time zone support capabilities to expand its present Americas cloud team to continue fulfilling the increasing demand for cloud services and accelerate MTWO adoption.

“We are very proud of having been part of the Intech family and to have provided the required growth capital to position Intech as a premier IT provider in Puerto Rico,” said Cyril Meduña, managing partner of Advent-Morro.  “It’s the classical example of how we back talented local entrepreneurs like Henry to build extraordinary companies.  This investment by a world-renowned company like RIB confirms this and is the natural transition to continue Intech’s growth and global expansion.


Integration Technologies partners RIB Software to expand global footprint
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