Puerto Rico on the Rebound: A Three-Day Getaway Guide

The Wall Street Journal
Dec. 26, 2018
Sara Clemence

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico’s nearly 500-year-old capital, is far less predictable than other Caribbean vacation spots. Restaurants with Michelin-starred chefs vie for your attention with hole-in-the-wall cafes, slick hotels with colonial fortresses, white-sand beaches with provocative street art.  Dense rain forests and groomed coffee plantations lie a short drive away.  Puerto Rico fell off many travelers’ radars after Hurricane Maria tortured the island in September 2017, wiping out thousands of lives and homes, denuding flora and laying waste to the power grid—and the recovery has been difficult.  But today in San Juan, thanks to heroic rebuilding efforts, you’d be hard-pressed to notice anything amiss.  Hotels have come back, new eateries have opened, and on weekend evenings, the market square erupts into a block party.  The island could still use the support of travelers: Some beloved small businesses remain shuttered, and restaurants that once had lines out the door have tables to spare.  As Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose musical “Hamilton” begins a special three-week run next month, put it at an August press conference: “There’s nothing better for your soul than a trip to Puerto Rico.”  Here’s how to fully tap the spirit of the place over a three-day weekend. https://www.wsj.com/articles/puerto-rico-on-the-rebound-a-three-day-getaway-guide-11545838634 

Puerto Rico on the Rebound: A Three-Day Getaway Guide
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